"Mum, What's Wrong With YOu?"
Lorraine Candy


Mums: are you feeling lonely, confused or worried? Are you panicking that maybe you’re getting everything wrong? Does it, in the words of Lorraine Candy’s own teenage daughter, ‘suck to be you’ (Mum) right now?


Welcome to the most challenging part of your parenting journey: the teenage years.


It was all going so well and then, out of the blue, the little girl you love to the moon and back turned into an irrational, fire-breathing dragon. She lives in a messy pit of wet towels and sticky mugs, hoarding other people’s phone chargers and eyebrow tweezers, while rudely rejecting maternal intervention or affection.


Do not worry. You’re not alone. Parenting columnist Lorraine Candy, a mum of four (including three teens), is here to help. Her warm and witty family memoir will lead you to a more harmonious parenting place. Alongside a wealth of hilarious personal anecdotes, Candy offers you useful, easy-to-follow, well-researched guidance from experts.


This is a survivor’s guide for mums. This book will help you connect with your daughter and feel good about your mothering as you raise the bright and brilliant young women of tomorrow.

Why This Book?

I was delighted to have Lorraine Candy as my guest for S4 of The Merry Menopause Bookclub Podcast. 
Raising teens is a big conversation within The Merry Menopause community and amongst my peers and friends, it’s not an easy job and for many, it clashes with their Perimenopause and their Menopause, which is not ideal.

Lorraine packs this book with hilarious personal anecdotes and draws on her experience and a wealth of knowledge from experts to help you navigate and survive the teenage years.

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