Our Menopause is a moment in time

We had no choice when it came to puberty, and we have no choice when it comes to our Menopause. It’s another perfectly natural change in our bodies, the end of the hormonal journey that we started as teenage girls. 

Our Menopause is a natural transition that we have to adjust to and live with, work with and accept, and if we choose to, embrace it, it’s part of who we are and it’s a milestone that deserves celebrating. Many women don’t make it this far. 

But if you don’t feel like celebrating it because you’re symptomatic which might show up as tiredness, irritability, aches and pains, relationship issues, parental problems work struggles, don’t dwell and ruminate on the negative dig deep and try and find the reasons to celebrate you, who you are and all that you have achieved. 

Think of the wonderful children that you’ve had? Or A time when you had a libido you could barely control? The times when you danced all night and woke the next day energised and did a full day’s work! The people that have come and gone, the places you have been, the challenges you have overcome, or just celebrate that you accept that you are changing.

If we want to have a Merry Menopause we need to learn to manage the expectations of what our bodies can or can’t do and support and nourish ourselves with awareness and acceptance. How about we relax – nobody really gives a damn about who we are or we do, and how about we stop lamenting and torturing ourselves over silly stuff. Stop focusing on what we can’t do, what we may see as deterioration and focus on what we can do and what we are going to do, see it as a rejuvenation. 

Your Menopause is a moment in time, It does not signal the end of your life, but it does signify a big shift.

Not feeling it? Take 10 quiet minutes for yourself and not only reflect back at your greatness but look forward, take a trip into your future, how do you want to feel? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to go with? What successes are yet to come?

You are going to be OK and you are most definitely, definitely, not alone. We are in this together.⠀

Do you want help with navigating this shift? To understand your Menopause so you can work with it and not against it? Go from Miserable to Merry?

I am a Menopause coach and I can help you to have a Merry Menopause with my signature 1:1 coaching programme ‘The ReSet.’