Perimenopause Phase One

In your mid-30s, you are still producing enough hormones to give you good energy, skin, muscle tone and a sex drive, but there are subtle changes happening in your ovaries as your egg supply starts to dwindle. 

During the early stages of this phase, your cycle may still be arriving like clockwork, but in the later years it may start to vary in length and/or you could start to skip periods entirely. ⠀
Phase 1 is a crucial time to start looking after you hormonal health so you can reduce or avoid many of the symptoms of the perimenopause that occur in phase two. 
Your hormones are integral to you mental and physical wellbeing. Tracking your menstrual cycle will help you to understand and manage your natural hormonal fluctuations, and it is also the key to a Merry Menopause. ⠀
Do you want to know more about tracking your cycle, the information it contains and how it can help you to manage your perimenopause? Join me in January for a brand new masterclass. Email me and I’ll put you on the waitlist.