Perimenopause Phase Two

In phase two our hormone levels start to change dramatically and over time we stop having a regular menstrual cycle. Our egg supply has shrunk, making pregnancy less likely but not impossible, beware!⠀

Progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone levels decline which lead to irregular cycles. You may skip two or more cycles, going more than sixty days without a period. Your period may also increase or decrease in duration and your flow become heavier or lighter. ⠀
This transition can be relatively smooth if you have been tracking your cycle for a few years and are aware of your natural hormonal ebbs and flows and the changes they bring each month. ⠀
Hormones at this time can fluctuate to extremes and this leads to many of the symptoms of the perimenopause. But many perimenopause symptoms are your mind and body screaming at you to check in with yourself and look at your lifestyle. This is the time to be brave and make the changes you need to improve your mental and physical health before you enter into post-menopause around the age of 55. Many of us will live well into our 80s, it’s essential we lay the foundations now so we can live healthily and happily into our old age. ⠀
What changes do you need to make? 
The key to a Merry Menopause is menstrual cycle tracking. Join me in January for a brand new masterclass, email me and I’ll put you on the waitlist.