Perimenopause Power
Masie Hill


A must-read for anyone looking for a well-researched, evidenced-based book on perimenopause and menopause that gives women the information they need to address their hormonal needs. Perimenopause Power will help women to understand what’s going on with their bodies and how to deal with troublesome symptoms, and share valuable insights into making it a positive and powerful experience.

Why This Book?

If you have followed The Merry Menopause for a while you will know that I am a huge fan of Masie Hill and her first book Period Power.

I am an advocate of menstrual cycle tracking as a tool for managing Perimenopause and I was when Masie announced she was writing a guide to Perimenopause. It’s just as brilliantly informative as Period Power and both should be on everyone women’s bookshelf.

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