Phase Two of Your Cycle

Once you stop bleeding, around day 6 of your cycle – and again I am going to use a 28-day cycle as my example – you may start to feel your mood lift, this is because you are leaving winter and entering into the next phase of your cycle, spring. Your oestrogen levels are starting to rise in preparation for ovulation during the following phase of your cycle, summer.

During spring, it’s likely you will feel more creative and sociable and you’ll see an increase in your self-esteem.
As oestrogen rises, it boosts the brains memory capability. This is a really good time to schedule and focus on your most mentally challenging tasks for the month. This could mean brainstorming sessions, starting new projects, new businesses, or looking for new clients. 
Just like mother nature, spring is when you emerge from the solitary downtime of winter, and start to bloom and sow the seeds for the highlight of your cycle summer, and you can read about that here.