The Highlight of Your Cycle

The summer phase of your cycle is when oestrogen levels peak and with it your energy, it’s the final hormonal push before ovulation.

You are likely to feel level headed, grounded, articulate, exactly the opposite to how you felt two weeks ago in winter.
Mother nature wants you to find a mate, your most fertile time of the month is approaching, so this is the time when you are looking and feeling your best. Your skin will be clearer, hair more glossy, the bloat from your period will have disappeared and you will be ready to socialise. This is a great time to diary in big social events, and you will possibly find yourself wanting to travel a bit further afield as mother nature encourages you to find a mate from well outside your gene pool – fascinating isn’t it?!
You will see a boost in mental clarity, creativity and your communication skills. This is a great time to have important talks with your partner, friends, boss, work colleagues or clients. It’s also the best time in the month to ask for a raise, a promotion or receive an appraisal, you are emotionally resilient to handle any feedback or an outcome that doesn’t go in your favour. Arrange meetings, go networking, give big presentations, you are likely to see great results. The next phase is autumn and you will naturally start to slow down again. Click here to read more