The Complete Guide to the Menopause
Dr Annice Mukherjee


Dr Annice Mukherjee went through the menopause at just 41 following a breast cancer diagnosis, and she is also a top UK hormone specialist with nearly 30 years of experience. In this book she combines her medical expertise and personal experience to develop an essential menopause toolkit offering balanced, practical and comprehensive advice designed for our modern world.

The author has used her unique holistic system to help thousands of women look better, feel younger and enjoy an improved quality of life in the long term. This book includes her lifestyle toolkit – which every woman can start implementing straight away to improve symptoms – as well as science based advice on the treatment options when self-management is not enough. It demystifies the big questions, including:

– Managing the menopause at work
– How things change in the decades after the menopause
– What happens if you have a medically induced menopause
– When to consider hormone therapies and alternatives to HRT

The ultimate guide to taking control, rebalancing your body for the better and successfully maintaining optimum health through and beyond menopause.

Why This Book?

I was delighted to have Dr Muherjee as a guest on The Merry Menopause Book Club Podcast.


I have read many books on The Menopause and as I was reading this I knew there was something different about this one and I couldn’t put my finger on it. When I came to the last chapter which is all about Annice’s breast cancer and induced surgical menopause journey, I realised that what sets this book apart from other Menopause guides is the personal emotion that is weaved through her narrative.


It was a pleasure to have her as a guest on the podcast and you can listen to her episode here. 

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