The Fourth and Last Phase of Your Cycle

After ovulation which occurred during the summer phase of your cycle, your oestrogen levels will naturally start to decline and with them your energy and your mood as you transition into the next phase, Autumn. This is the part of your cycle where your inner critic shows up, that voice in your head that has nothing good to say.

During this autumnal phase, you can feel detached and want to withdraw. Become more sensitive to criticism, find yourself reacting not responding. Your libido drops along with your energy and your positivity, and your emotions can start to spill out. Heightened anxiety at this time is very common. This is the premenstrum, this is when you experience what we call PMT( pre-menstrual tension) or PMS (pre-menstrual symptoms).
Autumn is a good time to complete projects or get on with detail-driven tasks, you may find yourself cleaning or batch cooking and ploughing through your to-do list, because regardless of what precautions you may have taken or whether you are sexually active or not, intrinsically deep down mother nature and your body is preparing you for a possible pregnancy. So what you are doing is nesting, getting everything prepared, tieing up loose ends and getting things in order just in case you are. Make the most of this super-productive time and get stuck into the minutiae.
This is not the best time of the month for receiving an appraisal or for going out networking or have a first date. This is a time to honour the drop in your energy and look after yourself, pregnant or not, mother nature and your body know best.