The Happy Menopause
Jackie Lynch


This practical nutrition and lifestyle guide provides women with the tools to build their own menopause diet which specifically targets the symptoms that are relevant to them.


There are so many ways that nutrition can support a healthy and happy menopause, but a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. The reality is that there are many different menopausal symptoms and no two women have the same experience.


Jackie explains how the menopause and perimenopause can change your body and how your diet can make a tangible difference to the way that you feel, whether you’re using HRT or not. Each symptom section provides a range of targeted nutritional solutions, practical lifestyle advice and simple recipe tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine.


A highly experienced clinician, Jackie specialises in providing real-world guidance to busy women. This book is designed to make the key information as easily accessible as possible and reflects her trademark practical style, which makes it the ideal one-stop solution for anyone juggling their menopause with the demands of a busy job and a hectic family life.

Why This Book?

I was delighted when fellow podcaster Jackie Lynch agreed to be my guest on The Merry Menopause Bookclub podcast.


Jackie discovered the power of nutrition 15 years ago when she followed personalised nutritional advice and experienced first-hand the dramatic changes in her energy well being and performance. This led her to give up her senior corporate role and embark on a 4-year year journey to study at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.


As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, she founded the WellWellWell clinic providing expert advice and specialising in women’s health and nutrition.


The Happy Menopause Book gives a great understanding of how the symptoms of Perimenopause and The Menopause can be managed with nutrition.

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