The Perimenopause Solution
Emma Bardwell & Dr Shazadi harper


The perimenopause (the time leading up to the menopause) is often misunderstood.


For some women, it lasts a few months; for others it consumes the best part of a decade. This transitional period can be a time of emotional turmoil, shifting priorities and physical changes: from hot flushes, insomnia, low mood and anxiety, to itchy skin, thinning hair, weight gain and loss of libido . . . to name just a few! Millions of women in their thirties and forties go through this without even realising they are perimenopausal. It’s time they take back control.

In The Perimenopause Solution, Dr Shahzadi Harper, a medical doctor specialising in women’s health and Emma Bardwell, a registered nutritionist, provide a blueprint to help women find a new balance in this important phase of their lives, so they can be prepared, not scared. Akin to getting two expert consultations in one, this holistic and accessible guide combines practical, no-nonsense information on the physical and mental changes to expect, with powerful advice on managing symptoms and nutrition, as what you eat during the perimenopause can dramatically affect your experience of it.

Expert-led and forward-thinking in its approach, The Perimenopause Solution will not just help you survive the journey towards the menopause – it will let you thrive.

Why This Book?

I was delighted to have Emma Bardwell as my guest on The Merry Menopause Bookclub Podcast.


I’m a big fan of her approach to nutrition and have on many occasions DM’d her on Instagram over our love a good book!
The Perimenopause Solution covers all aspects of health and wellbeing during the Menopause transition and the chapters on Pro-Ageing and Gut Health drew me in.
At the end of each podcast, I ask my guests to recommend a book that has educated them and/or inspired them, Emma couldn’t pick just one book, she had two brilliant recommendations

The XX Brain by Dr Lisa Mosconi
How to Build a Healthy Brain by Kimberley Wilson

I hope you enjoy reading and listening.








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