What is a Merry Menopause?

The Merry Menopause stands for Education, Empowerment and Action.

If we want to have a Merry Menopause we need to Educate ourselves on how our bodies work.
We need to read and listen and talk.
Why do we have periods? What do they tell us? What part do our hormones play and how do we support them as they ebb and flow?
What happens to our body when we take contraception for reasons other than to prevent pregnancy?
The importance of the food we eat and the impact it has on the way our body functions.
The benefits of exercise, the impact of stress and our mind-body connection – why how we think impacts how we feel.

When we are Educated we are then Empowered to make better choices. We will know the benefits of eating well and taking regular exercise.
We will tune into our monthly cycle and so better understand what our body is telling us when we have pains, bloating, heavy bleeding.
We will start to notice the impact that stress has and how when we are under it, we tend to make bad choices.
We will notice the negative self-talk, our inner critic, and be able to bring it under control.

When we are Empowered we feel strong and motivated to take Action and when we take Action we see results.
Eating the right foods, exercising, menstrual cycle tracking, stress management, engaged and informed conversations with our GPs, will all help us to manage any symptoms that may occur during the menopause transition and make us feel better.
When we feel better we will realise that Menopause is not just about symptoms, but that it is a powerful stage in our lives. Many women start new relationships, new business and make big emotional changes. Not on a whim, but because they are answering a calling deep within them that for many, if allowed, surfaces at this time.

Your body is telling you that it is changing and it needs your support.
If you are bogged down with the popular narrative and cultural messages that menopause is nothing but hot flushes, weight gain, anger, painful sex and exhaustion then choose to educate yourself, empower yourself, take action and have what you so very much deserve to have, a Merry, not a miserable, Menopause 🙏🏻