World Menopause Day

Today is World Menopause Day. Millions of women around the globe will be POSITIVELY celebrating their menopause because the menopause doesn’t have to be a negative experience, suffering is not inevitable. This powerful transition is a wake-up call, it is your body talking to you, I urge you to take the time, to listen and be guided.  

At the beginning of this year, I could feel something rising in me, something I had to do and I tuned in and listened to it and from that emerged this community, The Merry Menopause. Since the launch in March, I have said ‘yes’ to all the opportunities The Merry Menopause is bringing me, public speaking, radio, organising events and writing. 
These are things I would never have considered doing in my pre-menopausal life. Openly sharing about my mind and body makes me feel vulnerable, but I want to help women and I have to put myself out there to do that.  
When I get despondent with my capability I can feel the internal push telling me to keep going, keep creating and keep encouraging women to have a merry, not a miserable menopause. 
However you spend today, I urge you to try and positively reflect on where you are in your meno journey. Take five minutes to sit quietly and tune into yourself, what do you hear? Or pick up a notebook and start freewriting, what comes up? You’ll be amazed at the power inside if you let it surface. A Happy World Menopause Day to you and, your awesomeness. ❤️