Season 1

Wednesday 27th April 2021
Ruth Devlin
Men… Let’s Talk Menopause
Ruth Devlin Men Let's Talk Menopause

In this episode, I talk to Ruth Devlin, Registered Nurse and founder of Let’s Talk Menopause, which she set up in response to the conflicting advice she received during her Perimenopause. 

Ruth has gone on to raise awareness and provide accurate and helpful information on Menopause, through her courses, guest speaking at events and appearances on TV and Radio.

She is passionate about health and wellbeing and the importance of helping to prevent ill health, as well as, specialising in Menopause, She works within the public, private and third sectors. 

Ruth has also written a book, Men…Let’s Talk Menopause, and that is why I asked Ruth to be my guest so we can discuss this very important subject and open up the conversation around Men and Menopause. Join us as we discuss:-

  • Why and how Ruth came to writing this essential guide 
  • Starting the conversation around Menopause at home and work
  • Why we shouldn’t be underestimating the men in our lives and how much they want to know and understand Menopause. 
  • The impact of workplace awareness around Menopause and how the benefit of this will spill into personal relationships.
  • The right and the wrong way for a man to approach the subject of hormonal health and how not to trigger a reaction!
  • The male midlife change and how the lifestyle changes we need to make to support our Menopause they need to be making as well
  • The importance of men doing their pelvic floor – “nuts to guts’!
  • It’s your body, and your quality of life depends on how you look after it. Why are we not educated in a more empowering way so we can learn just how much control we have over our health and wellbeing?
  • HRT and its sensationalisation 
  • How to get the most out of an appointment with your GP
  • The 2010 equality act – how is your organisation supporting women and their Menopause?

Ruth’s Recommendations:- 

The Squeezy app

BMS  – British Menopause Society 

Living Well Through Menopause – Myra Hunter and Melanie Smith

The Happy Menopause – Jackie Lynch

Wednesday 21st April 2021
 Maryon Stewart 
Manage Your Menopause Naturally

Find Yourself Again with a Natural Approach to a Natural Transition


In this episode, I talk to one of the pioneers of natural Menopause management the formidable Maryon Stewart. A font of knowledge and true expert in the field of hormones, PMS and Menopause. Her latest book is a six-week, self-coaching program and I guarantee that after listening to this episode you will be informed, inspired and ready to take control of your wellbeing.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The first science-based recognition of natural Menopause solutions and the start of Maryon’s career.
  • Menopause in the workplace, how it is still such a problem for many organisations and their employees.
  • Maryon’s collaboration with Virgin Health and Loughborough University to bring out an economic model showing the cost of Menopause to businesses when they lose their female talent because they are not supporting them. 
  • Maryon’s six-week Mid Life Re-Fuel that is helping so many women to turn their lives around.
  • How we can trick our brain into thinking we still have naturally occurring, circulating oestrogen and thus getting rid of many of the common symptoms of Menopause.
  • The effect of being deficient in minerals that so many women are unaware of.
  • How easy it is to fill up our empty oestrogen receptors with naturally occurring oestrogen which can prevent fibroids, cysts, endometriosis and many Menopause symptoms.
  • Supplementation – the do’s and don’ts 
  • Menopause symptoms and mental health
  • How important it is to nurture ourselves at this midlife crossroad and make the small, but essential adjustments to our lifestyle choices so we can kick start ourselves for a healthily and happy life during and beyond Menopause 

You can find out more about Maryon’s six- week programme by reading the book and at

Wednesday 13th April 2021
Dr Annice Mukherjee
The Complete Guide To The Menopause

Your Toolkit to Take Control and Achieve  Life-Long Health 


In this episode I chat with Dr Annice Mukherjee top hormone consultant with over 30 years of experience helping women achieve hormone balance and renewed vitality before, during and after the menopause. 

Join us we discuss:

  • Dr Annice’s own personal journey following her breast cancer diagnosis at 41 and an induced chemical menopause.
  • Why menopause is different in today’s world
  • Dr Annice’s groundbreaking Toolkit and ‘The House of Menopause”
  • The importance of educating younger women on the menopause so they can take control and put the lifestyle changes in place to minimise menopause symptoms. 
  • Why self care is not selfish, it’s essential
  • Sleep rituals and everyday mindfulness
  • What is Perimenopause? Menopause? Postmenopause?
  • The link between stress management, metabolism and weight management 
  • Beware the hidden sugars in food
  • And we almost forgot HRT!
Wednesday 6th April 2021
Tracey Cox
Great Sex Starts at 50

How to Age Proof Your Libido


In this episode, I chat to Tracey Cox, author, psychologist and TV personality about sex and how to adapt to the changes as we age. Fifty-plus looks nothing like it used to. Many of us I hit half a century with little sign of slowing down, but like it or not, something happens to us sexually post 50.  

Please join us as we discuss:-

  • Tracey’s realisation and surprise that her full and active sex life was suddenly being affected by her menopause – she didn’t think it would happen to her. 
  • Busting the myth that women have a lower libido than men, wrong, they just get bored with sex. The majority of women say ‘no’ to sex because they are bored with having the same sex! 
  • Spontaneous arousal is down to our hormones, as they deplete we lose that spontaneity so we need to take responsibility for our own arousal and do the job our hormones used to do.
  • Penetration and erection problems. Why an older vagina works well with an older penis.
  • How women deal with their sexual issues as they age but how men struggle so much when they start to lose their erections.
  • Communication, communication, communication.
  • Being 50 and single and the untold benefits of meeting someone later in life.
  •  Recognising when a relationship is just not working and when to walk away.
  • Why the best is yet to come!
Wednesday 31st Mach 2021
Annie Auerbach

Reinventing Work for a Smarter, Happier Life


The Merry Menopause Book Club Podcast

In this episode, I meet Annie Auerbach for the second time since the first publication of Flex in 2019. 

To mark this year’s publication of Flex in paperback Annie has added an extra chapter, Flex in Flux to deal with the assumption that working from home during a pandemic is Flex. It is not. Flex at its best is an ideology for a more inclusive future and better quality of life for everyone. 


Please join us we discuss;

  • The aspiration of Flex and what it really means as template for a better life.


  • How the gender roles have played out during lockdown and the effect of Covid on women’s progress it the workplace.


  • Our mutual passion for Menstrual Cycle Syncing and how it opens up a new relationship for women and their bodies, the role it plays in Flex and how it could lead to a new era of workplace management and working.


  • Girls and their periods. The Period Fairy, Period Parties and girls and the long term benefits of young girls and their participation in sport, not being thwarted by their periods. 


  • Why self-care is so much more than a bath bomb and a glass of wine.


  • Uncoupling productivity from success.


  • Finding ourselves in a ‘plastic moment’ – a portal between the old world and the new world and how reinventing our attitude to Flex will lead to a happier life.